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lunes, 20 de enero de 2014

Blender: Modeling Optimus Prime Generation 1. 1st. Part

This is the first (actually the second) english tutorial for my blog, hopping it wouldn't be so annoying for you (because of the accent) and, more important, hopping this will help you out with your Blender skills. I have to say, this series of tutorials were asked for facebook user Steven Elyakamal, who kindly asked me to do this, so, again, I hope this will help.

As you can see, we will be modeling Optimus Prime Generation 1, from scratch, with the help of the background images, so we start (all of the video) with the head of the autobots leader.

Please note there are not couloring on this tutorial, which means the material will be added later. Besides, there is a little mistake (omission I should say) and is that you should constraint the view of the image to a single view, using this option:

Here is a render of the final result (final for this tutorial only, of course):

And here is the video:

Besides, if you want to download the .blend file, you can do it by click on the folloing link:

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