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domingo, 26 de enero de 2014

Blender: Modeling Optimus Prime Power Master. 2nd. part

Nope, you are not reading incorrectly. It is no more generation one Optimus, but Power Master version. Anyway, I finish with the modeling of the head, including the materials that will have, meaning, the glossiness and the colors.

As you heard, the image that I got as model is not, at all, an adecuate image, since you need to guess the shapes front, side and back (another words, a good base image needs to be straight front, and side images, if they are blueprints, even better). However, we manage to give it the look of the image with the tools we had on hand.

Just a little breakdown of the video:

Extrusion: You press E and, if you want it on a specific axis, you press the letter for the axis (X, Y or Z).
Scaling: You press S.
Selecting all the edges of a loop: Ctrl+Alt+Right click, over one of the edges you want to select.
Proportional editing: That is edit a vertex and all the vertices around it, as big as the scope of the edition is (you can modify the proportion or scope by scrolling with the mouse wheel).
Materials: Click on materials button and you select the shader and the color of the material you want for the object or the faces you have selected.

Here is a render of how we did today:

And here is the video (I failed to my own promise, and made a HUGE video again, sorry):

And if you want the .blend file, you can download it from the following link:

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