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domingo, 23 de febrero de 2014

Blender: Modling Optimus Prime Power Master. 5th Part.

In this tutorial we see how to model the legs of the robot, along with the material assignment for each part.

As I say in the video, there are a couple of details that I still need to fix about proportions, but I will do it at the end of the series.

This is the render for today's update:

A little breakdown for the video:

  • Inset creation from the waist (with I key) to extrude the first part of the leg
  • Extrusion and scaling of the leg to create the bottom part (blue part) of the leg
  • Edge loops to create the creaveses of the legs
  • Material assignment for legs
Here you have the video:

And if you want the .blend file, you can download it from the following link:

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