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domingo, 9 de marzo de 2014

Blender: Modling Optimus Prime Power Master. 6th Part.

In this tutorial we give shape to feet and wheels, along with the materials of each one of them.

We give part of the shape of the feet with the help of Edge Loops (yeah, more... sorry) and Proportional Editing (activated with O key) which give you the power of take a single vertice or face or edge and make all the near ones get affected.

Here is the latest render (the one for this tutorial):

A little breakdown for the video:

  • Extrusion for the bottom part of the leg to start shaping the foot part.
  • Addition of edge loops at that bottom part.
  • Selection of the bottom face and Proportional editting enabling (O key).
  • Extrusion (inner extrusion) of the side faces of the foot to place the wheel.
  • Deletion of some faces from foot to let the wheel to be seen.
  • We use the Knife tool (K key) to create additional faces in the foot.

Here you have the video:

If you want the .blend file you can download if from the following link:

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