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lunes, 24 de marzo de 2014

Blender: Modling Optimus Prime Power Master. 7th Part.

In this part we will model the arms and the hands (we will, actually, FAKE the hands) and we learn how to Bridge some faces.

Let me, again, tell you that this particular model is not made with animation in mind, so please, if you are thinking about animate it, then model the hands appropietly, so you can move every finger independently.

Here is the render for this part:

This is a break down of the video:

  • Moving the wheel of the leg to the waist part
  • Creation of the arm
  • Assignation fo the material for the arm
  • Creation of the forearm
  • Inserting a cube to fake the hand
  • Extrusion of some faces of that cube to fake the fingers
  • Extrusion of a single edge to start the creation of the thumb

And here you have the video:

If you want the .blend file, you can download it from the following link:

2 comentarios:

Sonia dijo...

Hola Alberto! He visto algunos de sus tutoriales y me llama la atención el tono de su voz. No haces trabajos de locución o das cursos en este campo??

Alberto dijo...

@Sonia: Pues solo lo primero, de vez en cuando :)