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lunes, 14 de abril de 2014

Blender. Modeling Optimus Prime Power Master. 9th Part.

Almost getting to the end, today we see how to apply the modifiers, so we work on a single mesh, instead of a collection of modifiers.

Since I made a single mesh from the mirror modifier, I move the arms/hands so they give the movement sensation.

Here is the current render (with some light sources added):

Here's a breakdown for the video:

  • The exhausting pipe is moved to the back part of the arm.
  • The modifiers are applied from bottom to top (last modifier on the list, goes first)
  • The arms are moved separately to make look a moving robot.
  • Cylinders are added to simulate the joints between arms and hands and chest to arms.
Here is the video:

And if you want to download the .blend file, you can download it from the following link:

Hope it helps you out!

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