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sábado, 5 de abril de 2014

Blender: Modeling Optimus Prime Power Master. 8th. Part.

In this tutorial we start tweaking the model that is basically done. We give it a better proportion and we give it a less sharp angular shape to it.

This is the render for today's video:

Remember that we talk about two different ways of sharpen the roundness given by the subdivision surface, the first, adding edge loops (by pressing Ctrl+R) and the other one is increasing the Mean Crease from 0 to... the number that fits your preferences the best way.

A breakdown for the video:

  • Fixing proportions for arm (by scaling o X axis) and chest (by decreasing it on the Y axis)
  • Addition of the Subdivision surface modifier (Ctrl+2 or any number you wish to try)
  • Addition of edge loops in order fo us to sharpen the excesive roundness given by Subdivision Surface
  • Selecting edges to sharpen and then doing it by increasing the Mean Crease (N key to show up the right pannel and then go to Transform and find Mean Crease)
  • Addition of a cylinder to create the exhasut pipes
If you want to download the .blend file for this tutorial, you can do it by clickin on the following link:

And here is the video:

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